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INTUTION- Using the Deepest and Most Powerful Part of the Mind

Use the subconcious for better decision making
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I just started this, so join the club and I will be plugging it shortly. Intution is a most neccesary skill to learn and use. This group will be here when anyone needs a little bit of advice on how to use INTUITION.

Einstein called intuition, “The highest form of knowing”.

Intuition: “A reflection of experience.” “Facts hidden in the brain.” “Unconscious pieces of information that come together to help one see what might work.”

It is a skill that can be learned .

Intuition works in many ways:

Dreams, gut feelings, a flash of insight, a feeling of 'knowing' something is right, a bodily pain, not being able to remember something for ‘some reason’, remembering something ‘for some reason’, an urge to do, say, or go somewhere that won’t go away, jumbled speech that you look back on and think “Whoa, I think I meant something by that.”, noticing the same thing over and over again.

Indeed, intuition is not ‘magic’ that appears out of nowhere. During your whole life you have experienced and learned millions of things, all of which you cannot consciously remember. Much of it is still in the deepest parts of the mind, though. Intuition is like computer search that runs through your head , the accumulation of that information, into a sound decision, idea, or solution. It usually strikes, though, when you aren’t really thinking about the problem the answer is usually better then what you would have come up with had you thought about it step by step. An intuitive answer is usually the whole picture and just feels right. Later on when you see the results, you usually learn it was right.

This group is here to help each member how to use this most necessary skill. I have many questions and am still learning it myself, so I would love to have a group to learn and share results, dilemmas, and suggestions.


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